Carry D Art

Carry D Art

Carry Doorn, Fiber and visual artist

Work that tells a story

Every work by Carry D Art is special. Every time your eye falls on an artwork by Carry, you discover something different in the abstract or figurative images she creates. Effects, movements and depths arise when viewing her art.
Stories come naturally to you. Her art adds an imaginative and inspiring touch to any space.

With her 2D and 3D work, Carry explores and visualizes the layers we build around ourselves during life, and how we deal with them in relation to the world. She has developed an intuitive and narrative method, from which her works emerge in a very natural and layered way. The different materials she works with, the shapes and the colors enter into a symbiosis. The website features more of Carry's work.

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About Carry

Formerly fashion and product designer, now visual artist

The art of creating

Carry Doorn graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Utrecht and was a successful fashion designer before becoming an artist. Currently, she has exchanged the world of fashion and design for another guilty pleasure: creating Fiber Art.
Her love for, knowledge of and feeling for textiles is visibly expressed in her art.
Now her work is being purchased by art lovers worldwide for both corporate and private collections.

About Carry Doorn

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Carry's work literally has a stratified and transparent appearance because of how she builds up her work in fragile, transparent and colored layers of textiles. The light that falls on her work creates special shadow effects that move with you as you walk past it. Her work can best be described as intriguing, fascinating and poetic.

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She calls her art; "Elevating everyday material into a poetic and meaningful work,". Each time you can see something different in it. That's what makes her work intriguing.

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